Three macro trends are driving home design into 2020. Understanding them has implications for buyers and remodelers alike.

The New Year brings with it a fresh batch of “what’s hot” lists for homeowners looking to upgrade. While considering individual products can be helpful, a focus on the trends behind changes in home styles can be even more valuable.

Three of these macro trends appear to be driving upticks for 2020 and beyond:



Perhaps the largest trend expected to crescendo in 2020 is the rise of individualism. As strange as it sounds, home features that buck the trends will officially be “on trend”.

Experts say the most obvious of these is well underway as the all-white kitchen has become cliché. Instead designers have shifted the focus to softer hues. These can ensure all the brightness of white but also be tailored to individual style with light blues and soft grays.

This individualism streak is expected to impact much more than cabinets and wall color as appliances in varying colors are also getting in on the game. No word yet if avocado green will be making a resurgence as anything but retro, but we certainly hope not.

Bringing the Outside In

Whether it is butcher block countertops or accent walls incorporating wood, a key trend for 2020 is bringing the outside inside. While granite and rock will continue to shine in this space, use of next generation wood products that appear untreated and natural are booming. Particularly hot in this space is the accent wall filled with narrow vertical slats.


This love of all things natural is even leading some to experiment with indoor gardens as a modern alternatives to house plants.


Counteroffer Negotiation


Ecological concerns promise to continue to drive buying and design choices in 2020. This is expected to go beyond smart home enabled features cutting your energy usage to instead encompass the efficient use of space.


In an effort to reduce the footprint of new homes, homebuilders are keyed in on using every inch of interior space to its full potential. Builders are finding that most buyers are unwilling to surrender precious kitchen and bedroom space, so this quest for efficiency is having the largest impact on storage areas like mudrooms. The result is upticks in organizational features, cubbies and other amenities. Anything that can ensure that limited space is still highly functional is on the table.


Another spot where the efficiency play is on display is the resurrection of the fireplace. Inline fireplaces continue to be popular as they offer efficient supplemental heat, a modern aesthetic and a focal point. Many are also able to split multiple rooms to tie spaces together seamlessly.



The Bottom Line

While trends come and go, the evolution of the modern home is anything but a trend--rather it’s a slow and steady march forward. Remodeling can bring many of these features to an older home, but if a home no longer fits your family, updates may not be enough.


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