Lake Minnetonka is a unique west metro landmark featuring 125 miles of picturesque shoreline and scores of luxury homes.  Our annual look at the most expensive real estate transactions in the state begins and ends on this familiar waterway for 2017. 

While the top five transactions were prohibitively priced over $5 million, the window shopping remains 100% free.  


  • The West Metro is the place to be in Twin Cities residential real estate

  • 2017 saw five homes fetch over $5 million each

  • With the “sold search” function on you can explore each of them, as well understand the market for homes that may better fit your budget


Minnesota's Millionaire Mansions 2017

#5- 2750 Gale Road, Woodland

$5.4 Million
12,600+ sq. ft, 2.5 acres
5 bedrooms 9 baths
Sold 09/27/17

If you want amenities, this 12,600 square foot home has them in spades.  How about nine bathrooms, tennis courts, and a separate tea house spread across 2 1/2 acres?  Nine bathrooms!!  While the home is more than impressive, it is notable that it sat on the market for over 400 days prior to sale and carried the ominous "sold in as-is condition" in the property description.  If it were haunted, they'd have to disclose that, right?   


#4- 475 Oxford Road, Orono

$6.2 Million 
9,300+ sq. ft, 2 acres
5 bedrooms 6 baths
Sold 06/05/17

If outdoor entertaining is your thing, it is tough to beat this two-acre property on Oxford Road.  An immaculate yard is trimmed by a stunning garden, landscaping and stone work that is truly a site to behold.  The scene is complemented by massive home that looks like a cross between a luxury hunting lodge and a Bass Pro Shop.  Better yet, 17-foot vaulted ceilings promise that when you aren't outside, you can be in the entryway working on your hoops game.

#3- 2209 Huntington Point Road, Minnetonka Beach

$7.25 Million 
8,400+ sq. ft, 1.35 acres
5 bedrooms 8 baths
Sold 04/19/17

If old money is the vibe you are going for, this Minnetonka Beach home offers a colonial look, complete with English Gardens and patio.  Potential buyers would be smart to invest in a smoking jacket and consider faking an accent for maximum effect.


#2- 20350 Lakeview Avenue, Deephaven

$7.65 Million 
6,890+ sq. ft, 3.9 acres
3 bedrooms 6 baths
Sold 08/31/17

At just under 6,900 square feet this Deephaven find is by far the smallest home on our list. Yet potential buyers didn't seem to mind the modest size as the ultimate sales price ended at $750k above the list price.  This would seem to imply that a bidding war may have broken out.   No doubt the buyers were drawn in by the location on Swift Point near Big Island and the stunning details of what looks to be an immaculate recent rebuild.  Though the real headscratcher is that for an investment of seven and a half million, the buyer only netted three bedrooms and two garage stalls.  Is that third Bentley destined to sit out in the elements?


#1- 1725 Bohns Point Road, Orono

$8.27 Million 
12,700+ sq. ft, 2.5 acres
6 bedrooms 7 baths
Sold 11/15/17

When your new address has 2 1/2 acres, over 380 feet of lakeshore, an in ground pool, expansive gardens and a 12,000 square foot Hampton's style home, you seemingly have everything.  This beautiful estate also comes with the crown for the most expensive real estate transaction of 2017.  The sale closed earlier this month, just in time for the holidays!  Though Christmas shopping may have to be toned down this year as this opulent home also comes with a six-figure annual property tax bill. Tighten those belts!



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