Our annual look at how the other half lives is back, and again west metro homes on Lake Minnetonka dominate the list.

While all five of the highest-priced homes sold last year are on the lake, that easy access to fishing and boating comes with a price. Not only is the entry point north of $4 million, perhaps more startling, the #4 property on our list ($4.4 million) was a teardown.

Realty voyeurs may be particularly interested in home #1 , as the buyer is familiar to local sports fans.


  • The West Metro is the place to be in Twin Cities residential real estate

  • Last year saw five homes fetch over $4 million each

  • With the “sold search” function on westmetrohomesearch.com you can explore each of them, as well understand the market for homes that may better fit your budget


The Mansions of Minnesota Millionaires

#5- 2217 Huntington Point Road, Minnetonka Beach

$4.2 Million
7,400+ sq. ft, 1.1 acres
6 bedrooms 7 baths
Sold 10/31/16

If it is amazing lake views that you covet, you may have missed out on the pick of the litter with this Nantucket-style home. As an added bonus to the incredible scenary, this home features a carriage house above the garage, perfect for entertaining stay-over guests who don’t find one of the six bedrooms amenable. Bargain shoppers will also note that it sold for $775k less than the listing price.


#4- 670 Ferndale Road, Wayzata

$4.4 Million 
6,100+ sq. ft, 1.2 acres
5 bedrooms 5 baths
Sold 10/24/16

For a paltry $4.4 million you can hardly expect a residence worthy of Lake Minnetonka’s Gold Coast. As such, this listing is for a teardown. How can we be sure? The home was sold as-is—which is realty speak for “buyer beware”. Another dead giveaway is the fact that the listing doesn’t include any interior shots of the home. That, and the fact that the listing detail actually says “value is in the land”. It certainly begs the question, if you lay down $4.4 mill for land, what is your construction budget? 

#3- 20240 Lakeview Avenue, Deephaven

$4.2 Million 
7,300+ sq. ft, 1.1 acres
3 bedrooms 6 baths
Sold 8/31/16

Modern design inside and out makes this Minnetonka Mansion stand out, as does the modest three bedrooms and smaller lot. But perhaps the biggest asset is the tax-assessed value. Property taxes of over $33,000 may seem steep, but for properties like these it is a relative bargain. Add in a knee hockey setup in the basement and this home was a unique find for a family with school age children.


#2- 539 Harrington Road, Wayzata

$4.85 Million 
14,900+ sq. ft, 1.1 acres
5 bedrooms 6 baths
Sold 10/14/16

For the truly cultured, this grand Italian Villa may bring memories of vacationing on the Italian coast. For the rest of us, the marble columns likely conjure memories of Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. Regardless of your point of view, with nearly 15,000 square feet of living space, an exercise room and athletic court, this is a truly stunning property to behold. The listing even includes an aerial virtual tour to give you the drone’s eye point of view.

#1- 18150 Breezy Point Road, Woodland

$6.2 Million 
6,700+ sq. ft, 3.1 acres
5 bedrooms 7 baths
Sold 6/16/16

The most expensive home sold in 2016 has some “major league” features including an eight-stall garage, a 1,700 square foot guesthouse and an indoor sport court. The buyer, who is familiar to Minnesota sports fans, also gets 115 feet of shoreline on Wayzata Bay with this beautiful South Hampton style home. All will allow his family to enjoy the very best that Lake Minnesota living has to offer while dad spends 162 games captaining the local nine.



Ready to Step Up to the Plate? 

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