A first person account of Blake and Becky, two clients of  Zachary Adams and Associates 


Move or remodel?  In 2020 my wife and I found ourselves facing that age old question. Again.

I say age old because it was a question we’d been asking since 2016. A timeline that went something like this:

  • Sept. 2016- we asked agent Zach Adams to evaluate our existing home, discern the expected value and build an automated search for us to review new home options
  • Mar. 2017- armed with this info, we made a definitive choice—we’d remodel
  • Sept. 2017 - fed up with our contractor dragging his feet, we reconsidered our choice
  • Nov. 2018- we asked Zach to tweak our search criteria and start over with a new search


A year and a half passed and nothing meeting our needs surfaced. During this time a pandemic launched and the housing market changed-- so too did our financial position. One thing didn’t change—our current home didn’t fit. In fact in a pandemic, it fit even less.

So we engaged Zach again. And while the rational response to that 2020 email to should have probably been “maybe you could benefit from a different agent”. To his credit, he did the opposite. He came back out, updated the valuation on our current home, refined our search for us and discussed our options.

Zach recommended that due to an incredibly competitive market, if we were serious we should be ready to walk through homes, possibly on short notice. He added that we must be ready to write offers built with carefully constructed contingencies as protections. He also recommended prepping our current home for sale in case we found a new one we loved.

A dozen showings and three failed offers later, we finally landed on our dream home. We’d seen enough homes to know the market and this was a home run. We wrote a great offer and tried to stay optimistic.

Despite the positivity, our offer was promptly rejected.


We had finished second and were heartbroken. While we knew savvy homebuyers try not to get emotional, it still felt like failure. This was our house, and it was going to someone else.


Until it wasn’t.


It turns out the previous buyer had to move to California and the home was relisted a week and a half later. We got a rare real estate do-over but with a caveat. We had to write an offer attractive enough to win, while not overvaluing the home.


Zach went to work to determine the right number. We put in an offer and our purchase agreement was accepted. The appraisal soon came in for $30k over the agreed upon sale price. Everything suddenly began to fall in place. In September we closed on the new home and sold our existing home. After over four years of effort our home search finally bore fruit.


New Home

Is the takeaway from all of this that my wife and I are awful clients?


Perhaps, but that misses the larger point. We worked with an agent who was patient, available and engaged. He knew we’d be ready when we were ready and was willing to work, not only for us but with us. If he’s ever fired a client, he had to be close with us. Yet he was the same in 2020 that he was in 2016.


It is worth noting that the purchase of the new home wasn’t smooth, nor was the sale of our old house. None of the issues are attributable to Zach, but what I can tell you is that Zach was an indispensable resource throughout both. We worked through every issue and still hit every deadline. We are now ecstatic with the new place as are our teenage daughters.


The truth is that an emotional thing like a move requires an objective third party to act as a thermostat, not a thermometer. Your agent shouldn’t reflect the emotion of the moment, but regulate it.  When we were frustrated or upset, Zach helped us see the big picture. When we were over-eager and walking into a bad choice, he remained cool-headed and rational. That is the value of Zach.


You have many options for agents to hire. A real estate license isn’t hard to get. But what matters is experience. That means experience with 100s of transactions in the past, experience with current market conditions and experience with your target search area.


If you are looking in the West Metro, Zach is your guy. I’m sure others would do fine, but we didn’t need fine. We needed exceptional. Zach was exactly that-- a patient advocate who explained every facet and served as a resource throughout. 


It took a while, but we landed exactly where we wanted and that is directly attributable to Zach.