Cooler weather and waning daylight can combine to make winter a challenge for many.  This can be compounded if you are stuck in a home short term, dreaming of exploring alternatives in the spring.

By transforming that angst into action, you can ensure you not only get top dollar in the spring, but also enhance your enjoyment of your home for one final winter. 


  • The spring real estate market is traditionally the hottest time to sell

  • Several key factors impact buyer perception in a crowded market

  • A small investment NOW can ensure you hit the sweet spot


Five steps to prep your home for a spring sale. 

1- Buy a New Coat

It certainly seems cliché, but a fresh coat of paint really can go a long way toward changing perception of a room.  The normal scuffs of family use can make a room feel old, dirty or worn.  By cleaning up the normal dents, dings and scrapes you can freshen things up-- including buyer perception.  Focus on neutral colors for your project like tans and whites and carefully consider every room in the home.  Anything out of the ordinary like an accent wall should be addressed.  What is bold and innovative to you, may seem distracting and dated to a buyer

2- Get a Mini-Makeover

You may not have the time, money or patience for a full kitchen renovation, but a few small changes can have a large impact.  New light fixtures, updated cabinet hardware and stainless steel appliances can be a cost-effective alternative.  All can change the perception of your space from dated to contemporary.

This same formula works for bathrooms as well. Swapping out a toilet, vanity or adding a pedestal sink are jobs the least handy person can still tackle, but will more than pay for themselves.  Keep your choices mainstream to ensure the maximum bang for your buck.

3- Reduce your Footprint

We all have too much stuff.  And if you are like most people your basement, attic and closets have become a dumping ground for most of it.  While these items may be safely out of the way, the clutter can be distracting and hijack a potential buyer’s focus.  Fall and winter offer an excellent time to address this.  Not only should your focus be on getting rid of seldom used items, but also in organizing the storage of those that make the cut to stay.  A closet organizer or some do-it-yourself shelving can deliver a better organized impression and turn a negative into a positive.  

4- Provide a Purpose 

Buyers want to picture themselves in your space.  Your job is to help them do this.  If you have an extra room, decide how you should highlight it and give it purpose.  Even if you aren’t using a spare bedroom as such, your buyer may, so consider setting up a bed.  If you have other rooms that lack direction, organize them so they offer something valuable, be that a home office, a craft area or a reading sanctuary, it really doesn’t matter.  The key is that every room should help a buyer see the potential.

5- Get a Sherpa

The most important thing you can do is understand the strengths and weaknesses of your property and highlight the former while mitigating the latter. A consultation and walkthrough with a real estate agent who specializes in your area can prove invaluable.  

They see 1,000’s of homes and facilitate real estate transactions every single day.  This experience means they can walk through your home and not only provide a valuation, but tell you immediately what works and what doesn’t in moving the bottom line.  By understanding your home’s unique situation, you can then be laser-focused on the most important projects, ensuring you get op dollar next spring.