Is your Home Social?.....Can we go anywhere without LIKEing something, or TWEETing it, PINing, PLUSing, sometimes we even have to YELP it to the masses!  Yeah, life has changed in the past couple years and the way each and every one of us interacts with our friends and family has also changed.  So lets try to keep up.  Real estate is a very social industry, agents try to connect with buyers and sellers on a personal level and gain trust from our clients.  Can you imagine if I walked up to a perfect stranger on the street and asked "Where do you live and are you thinking of selling soon?"  Awkward, right?  Yeah....ranks right up their with door to door salesman walking up the drive while you and your kids are playing in the front yard.  Our home is where we retreat to after a long day, we share it with those we love, we create some of our best memories there and it is not open to strangers.  And our online presence is similar, we like those we know, we change our preferences to only allow certain information to go to those we trust.

If I were to sell your minnesota home, and knowing that more than half of all homebuyers start their search online, and 90% of home buyers use the internet as some part of their minnesota home search, would you expect me to tap in to this group of people and take advantage of the most accurate analytics available?  ABSOLUTELY!  Say you have a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, two story home in Plymouth, MN that is listed for $425,000.  The home is 3500 sq feet finished and is a perfect home for a new or growing family.  Based  upon Homebuyer profiles from National Association of Realtors, the most likely buyer of a home like this would be a buyer age 30-45 who is married or engaged with a college degree and currently lives within 10 miles of the home.  Families in our area most times head to the 'burbs when the kids start arriving......I know, I am one of them.  I am not saying this is the only type of buyer for this home, but it the highest likely buyer.  So, when a seller entrusts us to sell their home for top dollar, in the shortest period of time, we need to reach the best buyers fast.  We tailor our online social ads to the highest "preferred" demographic.  

On top of that, we utilize a new technology, that not only posts your minnesota property as an ad in front of prospective buyers on their social sites, but it also goes out to all of the top real estate agents social spheres as well.  Real Estate agents have been selling homes through agent networking for years, so we make sure our local professionals not only know about our new listings, but we also get our listing posted on their social timelines for their friends to see.  Call us today to talk about how we sell your home in Today's real estate market.

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