It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Bet it would be even better if you were lakeside on Minnetonka.  It’s time for our annual look at how the other half live via the top real estate transactions of the year for Minnesota.


  • The West Metro is the place to be in Twin Cities residential real estate

  • 2018 saw five lakeside homes eclipse the $5 million mark

  • With the “sold search” function on you can explore every sold home, as well understand the market for homes in your budget


This year's top five features a landmark mansion at #1 and also includes a bonus house that a notorious local businessman used to call home but now houses our state’s most famous hard-court athlete. Without further ado, your top five (+1)

Top Millionaire Minnetonka Mansions sold in 2018

#5- 2600 Spirit Knob Road, Woodland

$5 Million
6,300+ sq. ft, 2.03 acres
5 bedrooms 6 baths
Sold 07/26/18

Got $5 million and a love for turrets? Combine both with 360 feet of west facing shoreline on 'Tonka and this may be the place for you. The listing describes the home as a “Frank Forster-designed French Normandy home” sitting on a “sprawling estate”. It looks a lot like a castle.  One that comes complete with a sunroom, greenhouse, fountain and two giant bronze lions to guard your driveway.


#4- 3580 Northome Road, Deephaven

$6.55 Million 
9,800+ sq. ft, 3.5 acres
5 bedrooms 11 baths
Sold 10/22/18

If you happen to find an extra $1.5 million in your couch cushions, you may want to upgrade from the run of the mill $5 million estates and consider this gem. Outbuildings galore include a pool house and boat house to accommodate even the largest posse. A wooded lot with gardens and trails provide even more ambience, enhanced (naturally) by the proper seasonal selection from your wine cellar.


#3- 655 Bushaway Road, Wayzata

$6.85 Million 
10,800+ sq. ft, 1.24 acres
7 bedrooms 9 baths
Sold 11/01/18

West-facing shoreline is the name of the game in the best of the best and this home makes our list 3 for 3 on that front with 267 feet of it. This gem features a more modern remodel with stunning white throughout. It is the perfect spot for entertaining, complete with a theater and multiple dining areas.


#2- 555 Bushaway Road, Wayzata

$10.03 Million 
6,000+ sq. ft, 6.9 acres
7 bedrooms 9 baths
Sold 6/22/18

Looking for a less updated home with a sprawling lot of nearly seven acres? Or perhaps you are an aspiring land developer looking to subdivide into three lots? Either way the “other” property on Bushaway Road may be the spot for you.


There really is nothing like spending $10 million on a teardown.


#1- 1400 Bracketts Point Road, Orono

$11.327 Million 
25,000+ sq. ft, 5.42 acres
7 bedrooms 13 baths (!)
Sold 8/27/18

Number one on our list is the historic Pillsbury Mansion and the rare opportunity to own a piece of history. This home is classic and stunning, including a hot tub surrounded by hand-painted murals and other amenities you have to see to believe. The listing says that Mrs. Pillsbury is quoted as saying , "A house can be elegant without being ostentatious”-- you be the judge if she hit the mark.



BONUS HOME- 1492 Hunter Drive, Wayzata

Around $4.97 Million (private transaction)
17,251 sq. ft, 5.23 acres
5 bedrooms 9 baths

And last but not least, we present the former home of a local disgraced auto magnate and new home to your favorite 7 foot hoops player. Turns out 20 points and 11 boards a night can wear a guy down. Luckily he’s got 11 garage stalls, a golf hole, indoor sport court and tea house to help him unwind.

Only nine bathrooms though? The Pillsbury’s had 13. Oh well, you can’t have everything… but with a max contract you can afford most of them.


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