No matter whether you reside in Downtown Minneapolis or the suburbs of Plymouth, Minnesota staging a home almost always results in it selling faster and for more money. In this tough economic market, selling a house can be a challenge in even the most desirable locations or when the home has many luxurious features. Since creating a powerful first impression with prospective homebuyers is so important, it is crucial to have your home staged for success. Staging is done to make a home seem more welcoming or inviting to potential buyers while letting them envision themselves and their families living in the space. Every home has positive and negative features, stagin highlights the positives, so the buyers eye focuses on those.

For a potential buyer walking into the home for a first time, nothing is worse than seeing it vacant. Staging a home can be as simple as rearranging chairs or switching light fixtures. Ultimately, the goal with home staging is to create a peaceful ambience that potential buyers can see themselves living in. Often, our homes become a reflection of our personal tastes and preferences. As much as we may enjoy our artwork or wall colors we cannot expect every potential buyer to do so. Consequently, it is imperative to put your ego to the side and be open to staging with ideas that you may not personally like, but potential buyers will love.  Play to the masses, slip covers on older furniture or repainting walls to create a more neutral environment. Here are the hard factson why to stage your West Metro home:

 1. Receive a Greater Return on your Investment:

According to the National Association of Realtors, individuals that stage their home receive an average return on their initial investment of 8 to 10% when the house is sold. Typically, homeowners are instructed to spend between 1 and 3% of the home’s asking price on staging costs, but this is not required, and many times the effect can be created for very little time and money.  Refer to our Getting Ready to Show Blog for tips that don't cost much to prepare your home.

2. Sell your Home Faster:

Homes that are staged are estimated to sell 17% faster on average than homes that are not. Furthermore, the longer the house is on the market the more likely it is that a price reduction could be needed. Avoid having this conversation by investing in staging and recouping a greater return on your investment by selling your house for more money in less time. 

3. Play to Homebuyers’ Imaginations:

The vast majority of potential buyers cannot visualize the potential of a home. Consequently, it is imperative to stage a home to create a feeling of warmth, comfort and hospitality for every prospective buyer.  

As professional Realtors, we know that staging your home is imperitive to us getting you the most amount of money, in the least amount of time and with the fewest hassles.  For additional information on staging your home for sale, call us at 612-845-7890.  

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